PM Maintenance, a privately owned janitorial organization, has been servicing the southeast Louisiana region from Baton Rouge to the Gulf Coast including Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, Orleans and Jefferson Parish since 1999. From the outset, PMM has prided itself on providing and maintaining the highest standards in the cleaning industry. With clients ranging from medical to schools to office buildings, auto dealerships, restaurants, and large and small office complexes,PMM gears its services and expertise to fit each customer’s personal needs. While most of its work is performed at night, regular quality control programs, such as onsite inspections by either management or supervisors, are incorporated in its daily routine. Daytime assignments and weekend work are also scheduled when necessary, and performed by trusted staff members. Each PMM employee is trained by management and equipped with a wide range of diversified services.

All work by PMM is vigorously customized to customers’ requests and completed according to its clients’ wishes. PMM prides itself on being a proactive, rather than reactive team, with its eye on safety, efficiency and total customer satisfaction. Only top-of-the line chemicals, cleaning products and supplies are used on every job and even green, environmentally safe products are available upon request. All work is on a contractual basis, either year-to-year or month-to-month with a 30 day out. However, if and when a problem should arise, management is on hand immediately to provide an instant resolution.

PMM prides itself on being a janitorial industrial leader because of the quality and proficiency it brings with every job. It knows what its clients expect and strives to exceed those wishes with quality products, quality technicians, and a superb team of trustworthy service representatives. Most importantly, PMM is committed
to creating an atmosphere of professionalism at its best every 24 hours, 7 days each week, and a reputation that has earned the respect and confidence of its clients.

PMM provides estimates, and is licensed and insured for its customers’ protection.

“We’ve been using PM Maintenance since
2000 and for 13 years have had very
good service. They work at night so when
we come here in the morning, everything is
clean. If we need something else done, we
leave them a note, and they take care of
our request. Tony and his team are easy
to work with and we communicate very well.“

Endodontic Center
Stephen Carpenter